We are a fair and sustainable organic label from Bremen.

All our articles bear the GOTS-Organic certificate which assures that at least 95% of the fibres are grown and produced organically in Turkey.
We offer a broad range of young and trendy underwear, yoga pants and homewear basics as well as socks for ladies and men.


ALBERO NATUR offer you a wide range of underwear, socks and homewear produced in trusted factories using Aegean organic cotton only.

The extraordinary quality of organic cotton

During the processing of our cotton we avoid chemical additives. The dye does not consist of toxics; it is allergy-tested, synthetic, free of heavy metals and contains no optical brighteners. That is why your organic cotton garment is so pleasant to your skin.

  • It is breathable, absorbent and perfect for clothes that are in direct contact with our skin such as underwear
  • Organic cotton balances our body temperature, does not cause skin-irritations or allergies, thus it is a perfect fit for people with sensitive skin as well
  • All our products are long-lasting and thus a statement against "fast fashion"
  • Resource-Saving production

  • Ecologically grown raw materials

  • Reduced emissions

  • Fair wages and humane working conditions

  • Non-Toxic

  • Recycled raw materials

Social standards in production

  • Employment is freely chosen, and no forced overtime
  • No precarious employment is provided
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • No child labor
  • No discrimination based on race, skin color, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, age, civil status, pregnancy, or gender. Maternity and sickness benefits are provided for all workers
  • Compliance with industrial health and safety regulations
  • No harassment, violence, and disciplinary practices
  • No payment under minimum wage determined by the authorities
  • Regular training of employees in relation to waste reduction, recycling and other resource conservation
  • Minimizing the company's CO2 emissions (annual climate footprint)